Professor Amin Alhassan advocates cultural diversity as GBC launches Heritage Month


By Rhoda Yorke

Director-General of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, Professor Amin Alhassan says GBC will use its platforms as ”points of convergence” that will factor in various ethnic groups in the country to promote the Ghanaian culture.

He said this at the official launch of the Heritage Month at Broadcasting House in Accra.

Professor Amin-Alhassan said this year’s heritage month celebration will highlight the importance of embracing the unique Ghanaian diversity.

During the Heritage Month, GBC through it’s various Channels will project Ghana’s indigenous products and services as well as celebrate the rich cultural heritage by producing programmes that are ”targeted at various ethnic groups, conscious of the diversity of religious beliefs and practices”.

Professor Alhassan added that, ”when diversity is embraced, it will help to dispel the negative stereotypes and biases against each other, as well as help to recognize and respect cultural diversity”.

”Our cultural diversity is our greatest asset”, the DG noted.

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