I didn’t use to worry about who got hurt by my articles – Kofi Coomson

I didn’t use to worry about who got hurt by my articles - Kofi Coomson
Nana Kofi Coomson (middle) with Thelma Tackie and Kafui Dey
By: Serena Osei Boahemaah
Ghanaian journalist and founding publisher of the “The Chronicle” newspaper, Nana Kofi Coomson has expressed how unperturbed he was about who might get hurt by his articles during his active years in journalism.
The third week of the ‘Beautiful, Bold, Ugly and Maverick’ (BBUM) Show on GTV with Kafui Dey and Thelma Tackie, hosted the renowned and fearless journalist, Kofi Coomson with regards to his contributions and struggling moments in the journalistic space as they celebrate legends of Ghana Journalism.
In response to writing critical pieces, he said, “you see, you will say that critical. I didn’t set out to write critical articles but if you find it, so be it. I didn’t worry about who got hurt but I was doing what was right. What in my conscience was right…”
Nana Kofi Coomson indicated that pioneering journalists did not use to have free space like it is today.
“I had so many suits. We didn’t have free space. That’s when we fought for the repeal of the criminal libel law because that was one of the things that bothered us, Journalists, at that time, so we fought for it, and thankfully, when the new government came in, they repelled it,” he said.
Moving forward, he maintained how controversial ones like him years ago would pursue government and those in authority.
“that time when I was doing active journalism, I hated corruption and I didn’t want to be bullied. So no matter who is in high places, I will go, I will come after you…if you’re controversial as I was… way back we used to fight government and those in power. And so naturally, you’ll expect to take a punch as well,” he added.


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