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James Town Mantse outlines vision for town


The James Town Mantse, Obrempong Wetse Kojo has outlined his vision for the James Town Area.
At the maiden news conference in Accra, he stated that his vision is based on six thematic areas.
Obrempong Wetse Kojo mentioned Education, Tourism, Fishing, Security, Micro Finance and care for the elderly as areas he will focus his attention on.
“It is my desire, to construct schools in all the villages under the James Town Stool to enable children to acquire education from basic to Junior High School. It is my desire to also establish vocational schools to ensure that most of the youth become self-employed and an education fund from which needy but brilliant students will be assisted on fishing which is a major vocation of the people of James Town,” he said.
He again intimated that, his reign will see a transformation of fishing activity.
“A fisheries school will be established to teach the youth modern fishing methods and encourage the use of fiber glass based fishing vessels instead of wooden canoes.”
Obrempong Wetse Kojo stated that, a cold store will also be opened to aid in the storage of fish while fishmongers will be introduced to modern fish preservation techniques.
He said tourism will also engage his attention because of the historical nature of James Town. In this regard, a Tourism Development Company will be established to coordinate the development of tourist sites and tourism related activities.
He mentioned that, the intension of James Town Mantse to put up a facility to cater for the elderly by giving the elderly above 65 stipends to enable them to live better lives.
He also spoke about his desire to establish a land registry under the stool to ensure that James Town Lands are properly documented and that the issue of land guards in his reign will be a thing of the past.

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