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Jehovah’s Witnesses to hold Global convention virtually


The Jehovah’s Witnesses would for the second time hold this year’s global convention virtually, due to the coronavirus pandemic, with the congregants viewing the programmes digitally.

Typically, these conventions were held in stadiums, arenas, conference halls, and smaller gathering places around the world.

The theme for this year’s event is: “Powerful by Faith” and it is scheduled to take place between July and August, with the final weekend of the virtual event to be held on August 21-22.

Mr Mumuni Yakubu, a local spokesman for Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Central, Western, and Western North regions, announced this in a press statement copied to Ghana News Agency (GNA) on Monday.

He said the programme would be released in six installments, each consisting of morning or afternoon sessions of what would have been three successive convention days.

He urged congregants to view it on the

website available under the “Library” tab for free.

“Faith has helped our global brotherhood to continue to thrive even during a pandemic, ”  he said, adding that “our faith will continue to unite us in worship, even virtually,  as millions gather in private homes around the world to enjoy a powerful and inspiring spiritual program.”

Mr Yakubu said congregations were encouraged to hold a brief spiritual discussion over a video conferencing platform to open the session.

Arrangements have been made to bring smaller groups together after each session to discuss convention highlights, he said.

He emphasized that Jehovah’s Witnesses shifted their weekly public meetings to video conferencing and streaming platforms since March, this year, hence the closure of their local Kingdom Halls.

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