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Cape Coast: Marketers accuse authorities of converting, ‘place of convenience’, into rental facilities

Marketers accuse authorities

By Kofi Sekyiama Pobi

Concerned marketers at the Kotokuraba Market in cape coast have expressed their displeasure about the conversion of a toilet facility into stores at the Kotokuraba Market.

Speaking to GBC News in Cape Coast, a Concerned Market Leader, Kwabena Panyne said there have been growing concerns about the lack of toilet facilities in the market and questioned the rationale behind converting toilet facilities into stores for rentals.

When the News Team got to the scene, a group of young men were seen busily breaking into the facility, when questioned, they said the contract was given to them by the Municipal Assembly.

The issue generated heated arguments, which also took a political twist.

The Leader of the Concerned Market Group Association, Dorcas Dowenya told Journalists that the move to convert the toilet facility into stores was a decision arrived at by the authorities, because the siting of the current facility created discomfort for the market women, especially during the rainy season.

The Cape Coast Municipal Assembly is however yet to come clear on the current matters arising at the Kotokuraba market.

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