Meteo Agency warns of more rains

Last Saturday hours of heavy rains caused floods leading to loss of lives and destruction of property in parts of the country.

The Ghana Meteorological Agency has warned of more rains in the coming days and asked the public to take the necessary safety precautions.

Speaking in an interview with GBC on the rains, Deputy Director, Forecasting at the Ghana Meteorological Agency, Joseph Tetteh Portuphy, said the rains, which should have started from April and May, did not get the needed systems to do so.

Mr. Tetteh Portuphy advised the public to be careful during the rainy season and avoid acts that will bring about floods and their attendant destruction of property.

Year in, year out, Ghana continues to experience downpour each rainy season. Inspite of numerous government interventions towards sanitation, the rains continue to wreak havoc, causing devastating effects on lives and property.


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