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NADMO issues flood alert over looming dam spillage in Burkina Faso

Prez Akufo-Addo sets up Inter-ministerial Committee to address Volta Dam spillage induced flooding

By Samuel Ayammah

Officials in Burkina Faso have hinted that they would open up the spillways to the Bagre Dam to allow for spillage of excess water to maintain the dam’s operating capacity. They have scheduled the spillage to run from the 27th to the 28 of August, 2021.

In line with the event, authorities with oversight over the dam have informed the Ghana National Disaster Management Organization, NADMO to sensitize residents along the white Volta in the Upper East Region to the possible spillage of the Dam soon.

NADMO officials in the Bawku West, Binduri and Talensi districts have since embarked on an aggressive sensitization exercise to educate residents on the effects of the spillage on their daily lives. Subsequently persons residing in low lying areas have been advised to move to higher grounds.

Among the villages or districts likely to be affected are; Nabdam, district, Bawku, and Kuopeliga, Pusiga. The NADMO officials have begun aggressive sensitisation to the people in the said communities to take serious precautions by moving possibly to higher grounds.

They explain that , even though there are items to support the displaced. There are fears, it might not be enough to reach those who might be in need.

Inhabitants’ response to the emergency is one of apprehension. They say their lands are not fertile that is why they farm along the river banks, but they’re also constantly monitoring the water level to move to higher grounds in case the water level went a lot more higher.

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