National Peace Council meets Bawku Naba on conflict


By Peter Agengre

Members of the National Peace Council (NPC) have appealed to the youth of Bawku and its environs to remain neutral and lay down their arms for peace to prevail. Reverend Dr. Adu Gyamfi who is the Chairman of the National Peace Council made this appeal during a visit to Bawku Naba in the Upper East Region in a bid to secure a lasting solution to the Bawku conflict.

Members of the Council met the Bawku Naba and his elders to understand why the conflict persisted between the Kusasis and Mamprusis. According to Reverend Dr. Adu Gyamfi, peace resolutions and neutrality were major tools and urged the factions to stay away from trouble in order to facilitate the restoration of lasting peace in the area. He noted that commercial activity including health care delivery and education has come to a standstill.


Reverend Adu Gyamfi however commended the Security Personnel for their high sense of duty in maintaining peace.

On his part, the Secretary to Bawku Naba Patrick Adakudugu said the situation in Bawku was returning to normalcy but not stable as there was a lack of confidence and trust between the people. He said Bawku Naba was committed to ensuring that peace prevailed.

Meanwhile, four people have been confirmed dead in renewed clashes in Bawku. This came two hours after the National Peace Council paid a courtesy call on the Bawku Naba. The visit by the Peace Council was to ask the Bawku Naba to call on his people to put down their arms and use the mediation tool to settle the dispute.

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