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NDC Promises Agricultural Revolution: Pledges Support and Initiatives for Farmers

NDC Promises Agricultural Revolution: Pledges Support and Initiatives for Farmers

By Jeremiah Nutsugah.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has pledged to revolutionize the agricultural sector, promising farmers significant support if they are voted into power.

This initiative aims to achieve food sufficiency through a policy supporting large-scale commercial agricultural production.

The celebration of Farmers’ Day underscores the crucial contributions made by hardworking farmers to the country’s development.

“The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is dedicated to bringing back the joy of farming and revolutionizing the agricultural sector. We aim to achieve food self-sufficiency through a policy that supports large-scale commercial agricultural production. “

“This will be propelled by a robust cooperative system that will benefit from Farmers Service Centres established nationwide to drive access to agricultural credit and inputs. “

Former President John Dramani Mahama, the running mate for the NDC, outlined their commitment to establishing a policy that fosters a robust cooperative system. This system will benefit from farmers’ service centers established nationwide to facilitate access to agricultural credit and input.

Mahama highlighted that the proposed initiative by the NDC includes the establishment of agro-processing units in all regions. This move aims to add value to agricultural products and create more opportunities for farmers across the nation.

The agricultural processing units will focus on various crops such as palm, cashew, groundnuts, cotton, coffee, cocoa, soya, cassava, shea nuts, cereals, ginger, spices, cut flowers, fruits, and horticultural products.

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