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Northern Development Authority procures 30 tricycle ambulances for health facilities


By: Peter Agengre

The Upper East Regional Coordinating Council has received some tricycle ambulances from the Northern Development Authority for onward distribution to all the Districts in the Upper East Region. This is expected to boost the ambulance services at remote areas in the region.

The tricycle ambulances were provided by the Northern Development Authority with funding support from the One Constituency One Million Dollar facility from each district in the Upper East Region. They are expected to be distributed to communities that are hard to reach.

The various assemblies are also expected to provide training for the riders of the tricycles, midwives and other health staff in the beneficiary health facilities who would be using them.

The government realizing the health challenges in Northern Ghana gave part of the one constituency one million dollar funding facility to NDA. So NDA procured these ambulances to augment the national ambulance services.

There are some communities in our rural areas which are so remote and highly inaccessible as far as health delivery is concerned” Mr. Alagskomah explained.

The Upper East Regional Minister Mr. Stephen Yakubu commended President Akufo-Addo for the intervention through NDA.

“The government of the day is doing a lot for the people of Upper East. I’m appealing to the people of the region that they should not take this love of the President for granted. This President loves this region and we have to reciprocate.” Mr. Yakubu remarked.

A District Chief Executive for Tempani, Mr. Issaka Anabida said “the tricycle ambulances would be stationed at communities that are far from the CHPS compounds or health centres in my District. There will also be training for the riders of the tricycles and proper maintenance would be very helpful.”

The tricycle ambulances play critical roles as community transport system especially in transporting pregnant women and newborns as well as patients with emergency health conditions from communities with lower level facilities to higher level health facilities for urgent medical attention.


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