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NSS Clarifies GH¢40 Charge for Online Enrolment Activation


Management of the National Service Scheme says it has taken notice of concerns raised by a section of the public regarding the GH¢40 fee required from prospective national service personnel to activate PIN codes for the 2024/2025 service year enrolment.

A statement from the secretariat signed by the Head of Public Affairs Armstrong Essah said  it is clear that authors of the storyline did not find out much about the issues and rather sought to twist and skew the story to portray the Scheme negatively to the public, as though this was an extortion, as they suggested in their writeup.

The statement said Management wishes to clarify that the GH¢40 charge for PIN codes is not a recent development. It said the charges dates back as far as 2006, when the Scheme’s online registration system was introduced, all prospective national service personnel have always paid this fee. It noted that the fee was initially paid through deductions at source from the first month allowances of the service personnel after they have been posted.

However, the mode of payment was changed in 2015 to allow service personnel to pay before enrolment.

Management further wishes to clarify, by way of breakdown of the GH¢40 fee as follows:

i. GHc10.00 for electronic NSS ID cards;

ii. Ghc10.00 for National Service Personnel Association (NASPA) dues;

iii. GHc20.00 for online (Internet) services to the service providers. This covers the cost of NSS certificates awarded upon service completion; facilitates the monthly upload of assessment forms; and supports the ongoing maintenance and upgrades to the NSS online registration system. It also covers hosting of the NSS ICT infrastructure and the management of the central ICT system for optimal performance.  The online system further streamlines the registration process, reducing waiting times and minimising errors, thus ensuring a hassle-free experience for all applicants.

“We reiterate that the GH¢40 charge is a well-established practice that supports the essential ICT infrastructure and services necessary for the efficient operation of NSS.”

The statement further said it is important to note that despite the rise in the cost of delivering these ICT services since 2015, Management has chosen not to pass this additional cost on to the service personnel. Instead, they have maintained the fee at Ghc40.00. “Management wishes to state that the NSS remains dedicated to the continuous improvement of our processes and services. Management is committed to transparency and is always open to constructive feedback from the public and our stakeholders. We believe that together, we can uphold the values and objectives of the National Service Scheme, fostering a seamless and supportive national service experience for national development.”

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