Police recommend Standard Uniforms for Courier Services Operators

By Vanessa Adjei

The Ghana Police Service wants the Courier Services Commission to come out with proper identification and licenses for their operators. This is to help the Police to identify Courier Operators as they go about their duties. Key among the identification required is for all Courier Service Operators to be provided with uniforms to help with their identification.

“We encourage the Courier Services to have their special uniform either from their companies or they sit down with the Postal and Courier Services Commission to map up some identification formula that will enable law enforcement agencies to know who they are and identification and branding is critical”.

This came up when the IGP met with courier services in the country. According to ACP Kwesi Ofori, the Operators and Riders brought to bear some grievances key among them is the harassment by the Police which he assured them that will be resolved. He was however quick to add that identification is critical to the general security of the operators hence if provided the police will ensure they have smooth operations and advised them to obey road regulations.

“At end of it all, they should obey traffic regulations, reduce road accidents and make sure they carry out their operations without injuring themselves and others” Mr. Ofori added.

The Consumer Affairs Manager for Postal and Courier Services Regulation Commission, Edwin Nii Yeboah urged members to play their role as the Police do the same.

“Once they’ve realized they need to come to the Police to have their issues addressed they also have to do the right thing by coming to the Commission to get the right documentation.”

My Yeboah added that “while the Police are willing to come to some meaningful understanding to ensure that their services are carried out without hindrance, the Police will also not allow them to engage in those services once they are unable to prove they have been licensed by the Commission”.

The Public Relations Officer of the Courier Services, Michael Darko called on his colleagues to do as the Police and the Commission has instructed.

“ We call on all courier operators to also come on board to ensure that their operators are licensed by the Commission so that they are also regulated because we don’t want any illegal operations to be on our road”.

The Postal and Courier Services Regulatory Commission assured the Police they will by the end of the year see improvement on the part of their members.


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