Presidency reacts to concerns of Law Candidates denied admission

By: Yvonne Asare Ofei

A Deputy-Chief of Staff in charge of Operations, Emmanuel Bossman, says the concerns of the 499 Law Students who have been denied admission into the Ghana School of Law are being reviewed.

He has however asked them to exercise patience as the Presidency has taken keen interest in resolving the issue not only for the 499 but the Law School in general.

Addressing the aggrieved students at the Jubilee House in Accra, Mr. Bossman assured the students that their initial petition has been forwarded to the Attorney-General for immediate action.

The aggrieved law students hit the streets of Accra to protest the Ghana School of Law Entrance Examination failures.

The aggrieved Candidates accused the General Legal Council (GLC) of their inability to gain admission following a new quota system.

For the 2021 Examination, the rule changed, so Candidates had to score at least 50%, in both sections. However, the affected students said the new rule was unknown to them before they took the Examination.

Their first point of call was at the High Court. They sang patriotic songs, and pleaded that the Chief Justice and the General Legal Council would hear them and admit them. They afterwards moved to the Parliament House where the leaders presented a petition to the House.

The 5-page document called for the Legal Council to, “do right by these 499 candidates who passed the 2021 Entrance Exam and admit them immediately into the Professional Law Course at the school.”

Their last destination for the protestors was the Jubilee House where a Deputy Chief of Defence Staff in charge of Operations, Emmanuel Bossman addressed them and assured the students of a positive outcome from the Presidency.

The aggrieved students who wore red and black attires, wielded placards with inscriptions such as “open up legal education, justice for all 499 students, we did not fail among others. They plead through their songs during the protest for the General Legal Council (GLC) to admit them since they made the pass mark.

One of the aggrieved students, Nene Sackey said they would not give up until the government heeds to their cry.

The aggrieved students having had an appreciation of the outcome of the recent Law School Entrance Examinations which resulted in the initial release of some 790 Pass List out of the 2824 Applicants as those who have met the entry requirements by the GLC. They also became aware of the denial of admission to some 499 Applicants who obtained the 50% Pass Mark or more.


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