Pubic hair on vagina is not for beautification- Dr. Kennedy Brightson

Doctor Kennedy Tettey Cofie Brightson talks about the importance of vagina health, pubic hair, etc.
Doctor Kennedy Tettey Cofie Brightson.

Nana Ama Gyapong

Doctor Kennedy Tettey Cofie Brightson of the Superintendent-Shai Osudoku Hospital has advised ladies to note that the pubic hair is not for beautification, therefore it should be shaved off at all times.

Speaking on the GTV Breakfast Show concerning women shaving their hair on the Vulva(Virgina), Dr. Brightson stated that hair located on the private parts of the body is not for beautification, because it can breed all kinds of organisms and invite lice into the pubic hair.

He said, “both men and women must learn to keep that area clean of hair, that is you should”.

Meanwhile, some people have also complained about getting boils around their Vulva(Virgina) anytime they shave.

The Doctor explained that a lot of staphylococcus which is a type of germs commonly found on the skin or in the nose of even healthy individuals give the by-products that are mild odors.

He added that men who request for their women to keep their pubic hairs are only endangering the women, because the wish of the man should not necessarily be the suffering of the woman.

Again, Dr. Brightson disclosed that shaving the Vagina is a technique and advised women to stop inserting products into the Vagina in the name of ”tightening”, because it does not help.

He said, “the Vagina is a sacred place that needs to be taken good care of”.


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