“Religion has made Ghanaians intolerant” – Panji Anoff

Panji Anoff.

By Nikita A. D. Quarcoo.

In an exclusive interview with Kafui Dey on #GTVBreakfast, Panji Anoff, the CEO of Pidgin Music, revealed some of his views concerning the Church and Ghana’s LGBTQI+ Bill.

During the conversation, he expressed his disdain for the Church’s lack of interest concerning donations and help for those in need; instead, they choose to fund the persecution of LGBTQI+ rights.

“Church, why don’t you pay the cost of prosecuting the politicians who are stealing the money of the people? Why won’t the church do that? Because they benefit from it,’’ he said.

Panji further added that his problem is not with two people of the same sex being in love, but with heterosexual pedophilic rape and rape in any other form.

According to him, religion has made us, as a people, intolerant. He went on to talk about colonial rulers of the past and how they prohibited the inculcation of religion in their institutions. Anoff said these Colonial Governments and the educational systems hindered growth in the country.

He encouraged Ghanaians to learn to tolerate each other.

In his view, the solution is to separate religious faith from science-based educational system.

“Ghana is a secular State by Constitution. It is non-secular by stupidity,” according to Panji Anoff.


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