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Parliamentarians must respect voters

Parliamentarians must respect voters
Clinical Psychologist Daniel Bruce

By Rebecca Ampah

A Clinical Psychologist Daniel Bruce has voiced his concerns regarding the treatment of voters by parliamentarians in response to the address made by the Chairperson of the EC on September 18, 2023.

He emphasized the importance of giving voters the respect they deserve, as they play a crucial role in the democratic process.

Mr. Bruce pointed out that the stress and difficulties faced by voters in obtaining their voter ID cannot be solely attributed to the EC, but also to Parliament, as they have the authority to approve necessary measures.

“We are appealing to our parliamentarians that they must make the life of the EC very comfortable,” he stated.

According to him, there is a need for parliamentarians to recognize and respect the rights of voters, rather than treating the voter’s ID registration process as an optional decision that does not affect them.

“We have dignity and parliamentarians must respect that dignity and integrity,” he said.

He therefore appealed to parliamentarians to provide the essential resources and support needed for voters to register, in order to prevent potential strikes from voters and ensure a smooth electoral process. By doing so, parliamentarians can demonstrate their commitment to upholding the rights of voters and fostering a more inclusive democracy.

“When the voters strike, it will go against they politicians who are desirous of becoming political office holders just for salary,” he added.

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