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RTI Law: 12 out of 16 regions have been sensitized

RTI Law: 12 out of 16 regions have been sensitized

By Regina Kwapong

Corporate Affairs Director of the Right to Information Commission, Christiana Oppong Adom has revealed that the Right to Information Commission has been able to sensitize 12 out of 16 Regions on how to get access to information from institutions.

According to her, the Right to Information Commission has the mandate to promote, protect, monitor, and enforce the right of access to information.

She further explained that the various ways the commission used to educate the public about access to information are mosque and church sensitization, institutional sensitization, roadshow sensitization and media sensitization.

Madam Oppong made mention that there is an internal review option if an institution refuses to grant access to an information and there are monitoring teams and enforcement mandate to ensure access of information is ensured.

The woman clarified that according to the law, any information required from an organization must be requested in writing. She also explained that when requesting information, one must describe the information, provide details, and explain how the information should be provided.

Additionally, she clarified that the law says that every information needed from an organization should be applied in a written form. She added that in applying for the information one has to describe the information, give details and explain to the officer the manner in which the information should be given out.

Madam Oppong used the opportunity to speak to interest groups who support transparency and accountability to help them get space to set up an office in any of the Regions.

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