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Russian-Ukraine War: Some Ghanaians fear onslaught of ”Third World War”

Russian-Ukraine War
Ukraine Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba met Moussa Faki, the AU Commission chairperson

By Francisca Maame Esi Quainoo and Jacob Aggrey

A section of Ghanaians in Accra have expressed concerns about the ongoing feud between Russia and Ukraine which has caused a global catastrophe.

This comes after Russia’s President Vladimir Putin attacked Ukraine’s capital, Kiev, because it felt threatened by Ukraine’s joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Multiple media outlets headlined that Russia has been economically sanctioned by the European Union (EU), USA and Britain following their attack on Ukraine.

Ghanaians who shared their views with GBC News said a Third World War is inevitable if Russia continues to invade Ukraine.

“I don’t know the cause of the war but I think the USA are trying to prevent that war, they are trying to tell Russian’s to stop the war. So now the Russian’s are going to fight with the USA. It might bring a third world war but we are praying that African countries don’t engage in that war”.

“So I heard the Russian President has been planning this for a long time. It is now that he has gotten the opportunity to attack Ukraine and he is not backing out. Both countries and stuff so far the war will keep on extending which will lead to a third world war”.

“I heard the war” is about NATO and I think in past Ukraine and Russia were one. They divided as time went on. Ukraine wants to join NATO which is an enemy to Russia and they don’t like that idea so they kept on giving them signals about destroying their land, but they didn’t do anything about it so Russia strike them from the look of things they have already started.If measures are not taken it can lead to a third world war.

“With the recent happening between Russia and Ukraine it’s another thing altogether. In a way, it depicts world war three which we have all prayed not to happen any time soon but I think Russia has a fair mind and they thought about it. You know, sending the missiles and their Soldiers to the shores of Ukraine. So in a way, I will say it’s really alarming, especially for all African countries and will affect the global economy in general”.

“So Russia Ukraine I hear President Putin’s idea is part of his autocratic rule either to own some boundaries or to merge them with Russia. So he is not targeting anyone else, just Ukraine”.

“He has warned that other parties should take themselves out of it because it doesn’t involve them and that anyone who tries to will face immediate consequences. So that basically means he is ready for war”.

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