International World Day for Safety and Health; Reminder to create safer working conditions

International World Day for Safety and Health

By Cynthia Boateng

A large percentage of Ghana’s work force is often exposed to various health and safety hazards at workplaces which needs to be curtailed. As the country marks International World Day for Safety and Health and work April 28, 2022, a Principal Factories Inspector at the Department of Factories Inspectorate, Emmanuel Sawyerr has called on the Minister of Employment and Labour Relations, Ignatius Baffour Awuah to initiate a collaborative effort in building a healthy working environment for Ghanaian workers.

Mr. Sawyer reiterated the need for an open dialogue with stakeholders and the passage of the Occupational and Safety Health Bill which is currently in Parliament. Mr. Sawyerr who spoke with Cynthia Boateng, said, ”Our focus for this year is to act together to build a positive culture which mainly talks of participation and dialogue”.

”It is to put the forelight on the need for participation and dialogue. It involves the Worker, the Employee and the State which is mostly done by the regulator. All of these have their role to play in the implementation and the promotion of productive safety at the workplace”.

”To have an effective and functional safety culture, the opinions and contributions of all participants must be considered and included. We are not doing well in terms of health and safety. In fact, we are putting some measures to bring safety to the door places of everybody”.

Mr. Sawyerr noted that there is the need for the Department of Factories Inspectorate to be resourced to increase visibility in all the 16 regions in Ghana.

”We are calling on the government to publicize the Department of Factory Inspectorate and make it known to everyone that it is the factory’s department that is only mandated to enforce the law. We are trying to open more office accommodation in all the districts in the 16 regions in Ghana. We are only stable in 9 out of the 16 regions. It will help us a lot”, he noted.

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