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Sale of the SSNIT hotels: Labour Expert calls for clear cut approach

Sale of the SSNIT hotels: Labour Expert calls for clear cut approach

By: Jeremiah Nutsugah

Labour expert, Austin Gamey has cautioned against politicizing the issue surrounding the sale of the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT).

His remarks came on the back of a protest led by the North Tongu Lawmaker, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, against the alleged sale of properties belonging to the Social Security and National Insurance Trust, SSNIT to Rock City Limited which is owned by the Agriculture Minister, Bryan Acheampong.

In an interview with an Accra based TV Station on June 18, 2024, Mr. Gamey emphasized the need for a non-partisan approach to addressing the matter. He cited that, SNNIT is not a political entity or institution hence, issues surrounding it should not be played with but rather treated with a clear cut approach devoid of political incitements.

“SSNIT is not a political entity to be toyed with. We must handle this issue with a clear-cut approach, devoid of political considerations.”

Mr. Gamey stressed that SSNIT requires a complete overhaul of its competencies, structure, and culture to serve the interests of its true shareholders – the contributors.

“The government is not a shareholder; the contributors, who are the workers, are the sole shareholders. When an employer pays contributions on behalf of their workers, that money ceases to belong to the employer. It becomes part of an insurance pool for the workers’ benefit.”

He noted that the contributors’ representatives are a minority and past mistakes must not be repeated. His calls for a non-partisan approach aims to ensure that SSNIT serves its true purpose – securing the welfare of Ghanaian workers.

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