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Sanitation Ministry receives 250,000 bars of soap to support deprived communities


The Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources, has received 250,000 bars of soap to be distributed to less deprived communities.

The bars of soap which were donated by Project Maji, costs 125,000 US dollars is aimed at supporting the government’s effort in the fight against COVID-19.

At a media briefing in Accra, Sector Minister, Madam Dapaah said the Ministry with support from organizations like Project Maji is poised to reach  out to 1.3 billion people with proper hand washing facilities and education to save lives.

The global activation and sensitization under the hash tag sweat4soap campaign will attract support from more than one hundred and fifty countries across the world.

The Project Maji kidded off #sweat4soap by running an 8 kilometers long route along the river connecting to two communities accompanied by Egyptian Marathoner and Social Activist Manal Rostom. She will talk to community members and the underserved on the need to run and as well as frequently wash hands.

Every kilometer logged by runners around the world will be matched with a bar of soap and every 300 kilometers with a solar powered water kiosk for rural Ghanaian communities in need.

Minister of Sanitation, Abena Dapaah said the Ministry will ensure the soap reaches the needy in the community as it takes the challenge to work with Project Maji to achieve the laudable idea.

She proposed for the soap to be manufactured in Ghana.

The Director, Development and Partnership, Project Maji encouraged Ghanaians to sign up to raise awareness to reach its set target.

Ghanaian Olympic Medalist advised Ghanaians to adopt hand washing as a lifestyle for a healthy living.

Project Maji mission is to serve over one million people with clean water across the globe by the year 2025.

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