Some Beach goers defy Covid-19 restrictions to celebrate May Day Holiday

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Holidays are usually marked with merry-making and outings to pubs, beaches, and event centres.

However, with Covid-19 still hovering around, coupled with the ban on large public gatherings including nightclubs and beaches, some revelers defied the orders and stormed the beaches to celebrate this year’s May Day.

GBC News visited some beaches and event places to check the compliance with safety protocols.

A visit to La Pleasure Beach Resort, La Palm Royal Beach, and Sakumono beaches all in Accra, saw revelers walking around with only a few people swimming. At the Sakumono beach, there were no Police Officers on sight to check with compliance with the safety protocols at the beach where there were a few revelers. Some revelers were seen sitting under the summer hut drinking, unlike the usual merry-making, dancing and having a lot of fun. A few revelers were spotted with masks, while most of them were without masks, but social distancing was in place.

Some traders were spotted selling their wares. A trader, Maame Atta said the Covid has affected sales as compared to previous days.

A Police Officer who spoke on anonymity said following the ban on beaches they have been stationed there to prevent many people from entering. He said they are there to ensure that people comply with the Covid-19 safety protocols.

Story Naa Atswei Sowah and Regina Agana


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