Support Central African states to build agricultural research capacities – Dr. Tabuna

The West and Central African Council for Agricultural Research and Development (CORAF) has been advised to commit more resources to build the agricultural research capacities within its operational areas.

This would help churn out cutting-edge research findings to enhance food and nutrition security, according to the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS).

“I would like to ask CORAF to increase its involvement in Central Africa.

“It should also continue to support our national agricultural research systems, especially in the capacity building of actors in the agricultural sector,” Dr Honore Tabuna, Commissioner for Agriculture, Environment, Natural Resources and Water of the ECCAS, said.

Addressing a virtual business meeting of CORAF coordinated from Dakar in Senegal, the Commissioner said agriculture was now a critical priority of the Commission, particularly as the region sought to diversify its economies.

Dr Tabuna said the research was needed to implement component four of the ‘Indicative Medium-Term Strategic Plan 2021-2025, and the Priority Action Plan 2021 of the Department of Environment, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Rural Development.’

The agenda seeks to significantly increase the production, productivity, and competitiveness of the agro-silvopastoral and fisheries value chains and their access to regional, continental and international markets.

The meeting was meant to approve the implementation status of resolutions and recommendations of the previous General Assembly of CORAF, align its governing tools and adopt a roadmap for implementing the revised texts.

Additionally, it sought to validate the proposal to support greater integration of CORAF’s activities in Central Africa and within the ECCAS and plan for consultative meetings.

Furthermore, it aimed at reviewing and adopting the status report on the mid-term assessment of CORAF’s Institutional Capacity Performance and roadmap for implementation of recommendations.

CORAF works with national agricultural systems in 23 West and Central African States to enhance prosperity, food and nutrition security.

It is also supporting ECCAS in the implementation of its common agriculture policy, particularly in the area of research and development.


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