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The Church is not a cause of Ghana’s problem…but systematic political leadership failures– Rev. Fred Deegbe

Ghana must have a code of conduct


A Senior Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church, Rev. Dr. Fred Deegbe says the church is not to be blamed for Ghana’s woes.

According to him, the country is on its knees due to a systematic political leadership failure.

Rev. Deegbe speaking on the topic; “The Impact of Political Parties on the Church” at the 2023 National Christian Forum (NCF23) organised by the Advocates for Christ Ghana (A4CG) a Christian Non-profit professional group in Accra contended that it is erroneous on the part of those blaming the church for the country’s abysmal economic and social progress.

The man of God argued that the church does not enact laws nor clothed with the powers to arrest and prosecute wrongdoers.

“The political leaderships under the fourth Republican Constitution have been given the mandate of the people to oversee affairs on behave of the state. And they must ensure an effective and efficiently run system which they often reneged on”. He noted.

Rev. Deegbe continued by saying “When the Coronavirus pandemic struck, the president came up with some sets of laws and regulations restricting people’s movement, closure of public places, churches among others and we all obeyed. Nobody went contrary to those laws because the political leadership gave the orders”. He emphasised.

It’s in the same manner that if the president, and all those clothed with state powers to ensure things are rightly done in a coordinated manner decide to act, we will all see the needed progress we desire to see. Rev. Deegbe reiterated.

So it is not the church that is the problem but the country has always had a leadership problem that plagued its development for many years. He added.

Rev. Deegbe insisted that the church has contributed immeasurable to the country’s development growth.

“The churches’ immeasurable contribution to the development of the state spans from building schools, clinics, hospitals, and potable water as well as the moral upbringing of the citizenry among many others. So it cannot be true that the church is the cause of Ghana’s dwindling progress,” he noted.

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