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The Standing Market in Doha

Standing Market in Doha

By Benjamin Willie Graham

Souq Waqif known as “the standing market” is a marketplace (souq) in Doha, in the state of Qatar.

The souq sells traditional garments, spices, handicrafts, and souvenirs. It is also home to restaurants and shisha lounges.

The original building dates back at least from the 20th Century in a traditional Qatari architectural style. It was renovated in 2006.

It is located in the district of Al Souq which is situated in the center of Doha.

As it was a market used for trading activities, the area used to be located immediately adjoining the shore to allow for boats to access it.

Although still facing the water, the direct link to the waterfront for boats is now divided by a major road and the recently completed park.

It’s now home to tourists who throng the place daily in search of souvenirs and other items found in Qatar.

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