TiDELTAA Women's Group to Help Fight Poverty in Lawra Municipality


The Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Cynthia Morrison, has launched a community-based organization in the Lawra Municipality known as TiDeltaa Women’s Group.

The group which draws membership from the five zones of the Municipality is aimed at fighting poverty through economic empowerment of rural women and the vulnerable.

TiDELTAA Women’s group

Five thousand women are targeted from the five zones of the Municipality which are Eremon, Brifoh, Zambo, Babilie and Lawra to be part of an innovative and integrated micro finance scheme of the group.

The overall goal of the TiDeltaa Women’s Group is to enhance the flow of resources to rural communities as a way of poverty alleviation.

Mrs. Morrison told the women that their economic undertakings will be inspected and skills training given to ensure that monies given to them are properly invested to further grow their businesses.

Mrs. Morrison who is the MP for Agona West presented 20 thousand Ghana Cedis to TiDeltaa, half of the money came from some MPs whilst the other 50% was donated by her Ministry.

The Deputy CEO of MASLOC, Afia Poku traced the history of MASLOC noting that it was established in 2006 and stated that the structures of TiDeltaa Womens Group are the same like that of MASLOC and promised that the 25 groups of TiDeltaa which have been already processed for loan will have cheques ready by next week.

The Chairman of TiDeltaa, E. K. Puoviel appealed to corporate entities and public spirited individuals to extend a hand of support to the group through account number 4531110000088221 at the Lawra Area Rural Bank to enable it to empower women to take control of their lives.

Paramount Chief of Lawra, Naa Puowelle Karbo

The Paramount Chief of Lawra, Naa Puowelle Karbo, observed that over 78% of his people are into subsistence agriculture and a chunk of them are women and said the launching of the women’s group as the boldest attempt ever made” in his area to liberate women from the shackles of poverty.

The Chief said: It is my belief, and indeed that of my traditional council, that by targeting the challenges of our women through the creation of income generating activities such as are envisaged under the TiDeltaa Women’s Group, our women would ultimately be empowered socially and economically, for it is said that, when a woman is empowered, the whole community and the nation at large is empowered.”

The Paramount Chief commended the MP for Lawra, Anthony Karbo for what he described as a landmark initiative to empower women of his Traditional Area.

Lawra MP, Anthony Karbo

The MP for Lawra Anthony Karbo thanked the MP for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong for the wonderful support towards the formation of the TiDeltaa Womens Group which is non-discriminatory. Mr. Karbo noted that: This group will see to the interest of all women regardless of their political affiliations.

Kennedy Agyapong installed as the Teng-Maal-Naa [development chief] of Lawra under name Kennedy Dery Agyapong.

The occasion was used to install Mr. Agyapong as the Teng-Maal-Naa [development chief] of Lawra under name Kennedy Dery Agyapong.

The Teng-Maal-Naa was very grateful to the Lawra Traditional Council for honor the done him. The MP for Assin Central said the recognition has encouraged him to do more for the people of Lawra and Ghana at large.

Mr. Agyapong pleaded with chiefs and people of Lawra not to hesitate to inform him of their needs and promised that his widows mite will always go to Lawra for what they have done for him.

The MP for Assin Central gave ten thousand Ghana Cedis to the Chief [Lawra Traditional] for development and supported the launching of the TiDeltaa Women’s Group with 20 thousand Ghana Cedis.


Story by Emmanuel Mensah-Abludo

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