Tripartite Committee meets tomorrow to determine new minimum wage for workers

Labour Expert, Seth Abloso

The National Tripartite Committee is expected to meet tomorrow to commence discussions on the possible determination of a new Minimum Wage.

Radio Ghana spoke to a Labour Expert, Seth Abloso ahead of the meeting to gauge his expectations.

Mr. Abloso told Nathaniel Nartey that the current minimum wage of 11 Ghana cedis is woefully inadequate.

He expects the new minimum wage to be at least 15 Ghana cedis.

Meanwhile, Public Sector Workers have high expectations for an improved salary as the Tripartite Committee meets tomorrow to determine the new National Daily Minimum Wage.

Most workers GBC News spoke to were unanimous in calling for salary increment above 10% .

They said the current monthly wage do not meet their daily expenses considering the hike in prices of goods and services coupled with high taxation.

The Workers therefore, want the Committee to take into consideration the prevailing living conditions and bargain favourably.

They said the usual excuse that the economy is not stable is untenable because it is the same economy that funds the Ex- Gratia of Politicians.


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