U/ER: 550 pieces of furniture distributed to some selected schools- BMA

The Bolgatanga Municipal Assembly has distributed about 550 pieces of furniture to some selected schools in the Municipality. This is to help solve the inadequate furniture situation of some schools and to promote effective teaching and learning in those schools in the Municipality.

This was in an interaction with the media by the Municipal Chief Executive Joseph Amiyuure Atrua in Bolgatanga on the sidelines of the Assembly’s first quarter of the First Ordinary Meeting of 2021. Mr Amiyuure stated that construction of classroom blocks of different shapes and sizes at various levels for schools in need of such facility are also ongoing in the Municipality.

340 number dual desks supplied to Kolbia, Azoribisi, Dorongo and Nuri-Islamic primary schools.

He mentioned, for instance, the construction of 1No 3 unit classroom at the Sherigu Community Senior High School at sherige with funding from the District Assembly Common Fund (DACF) at 96% work done.

Two similar construction are taking place simultaneously at Dorongo and Sherigu Azaalonge under the Urban Development Fund and Infrastructure for Poverty and Eradication Programme (IPEP) both projects at 50% complete. One 1No 3 unit classroom block for JHS at Azorebisi 23% and 50 capacity ICT block at Yorogo-Tingre all under (IPEP).

On energy, the MCE said, the quest to meet the streetlight needs of the communities is the ongoing installation of street lights in Bolgatanga and its adjoining communities. The project when completed will undoubtedly help reduce the crime rate in the Municipality.

He added that the Assembly is embarking on a project to train one of the engineers at the Works Department of the Assembly to take up the responsibilities of fixing all street lights installed in the Municipality.

The move is aimed at ensuring the continued functioning of streetlights installed in the communities in the Municipality.

Story by: Emmanuel Akayeti


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