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”US has a very huge market so it’s always good if Ghana is able to access the market” – Dr. Etse Sikanku

''US has a very huge market so it's always good if Ghana is able to access the market'' - Dr. Etse Sikanku
Dr. Etse Sikanku, Political Communications Expert.

By Rebecca Ekpe

Political Communications Expert, Dr. Etse Sikanku has been speaking about the benefits of the visit of US Vice President, Kamala Harris to Ghana.

In his view, the  US has a very huge market so it’s always good if Ghana is able to access the market. Also, the US has its interest in Africa in terms of trade, as well as on Military defence issues. US Vice President Kamala Harris’ visit is therefore integral in deepening ties between Ghana and the US, according to Dr. Sikanku.

”Well in terms of my general view, I think the visit is an important and significant one, it will help to strengthen the relationship between Ghana and the United States”.

In an interview with GBC News, he said Ghana no doubt is seen as the shining Star of Africa, which is highlighted in H. E Kamala Harris’ pronouncements.

”And deepen the relationship between both countries in terms of why she chose to visit Ghana.I do think that prior to every reason that has been given, that the US wants to highlight democracy, and Ghana is seen as one of the shiny Stars when it comes to Africa”.

”So I’m sure that’s part of the reason why they chose to come to Ghana so that they could use that to highlight the importance and success of democracy in Africa”.

According to the Political Communications Expert, the long-term economic gains of the visit cannot be left unmentioned.

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