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Potential layoffs at VALCO spark community outrage at Tema 


By Sherrif Iddrisu 

The Tema Traditional Council has raised alarms over reports that the Volta Aluminium Company Limited (VALCO) is planning to lay off approximately 45 recently recruited workers, all of whom are indigenes of Tema.

According to the Council, this development has sparked significant concern within the community, given the historical context and socio-economic implications for the affected families. 

Addressing a press conference in Tema, the Shippi of the Tema Traditional Council, Nii Armah Soponu, noted that the prospect of the youth losing these jobs at VALCO, which have been a vital source of employment for them, poses “a serious threat to the well-being of the community”.

The announcement of potential layoffs at VALCO has caused a wave of anxiety among the people of Tema. 

The Shippi of the Tema Traditional Council, Nii Armah Soponu, expressed deep concern over the impact these job losses will have, especially on the youth who rely on these positions for their livelihoods.

Nii Armah Soponu highlighted that the government’s acquisition of Tema lands has historically deprived many residents of their traditional means of subsistence. 

He stressed that losing jobs at VALCO, a crucial employment source for the youth, threatens the well-being of the entire community.

Soponu underscored the broader implications of the layoffs, suggesting a potential exacerbation of economic hardships among the affected families.

He called on VALCO and relevant governmental bodies to reconsider the decision and explore alternative measures to safeguard the employment of local workers, emphasising that the livelihoods of these workers are intertwined with the community’s overall welfare.

Nii Armah Soponu urged VALCO to engage in dialogue with the Council to find a solution that will prevent further economic displacement of the people. 

He noted that the situation remains a developing issue, with the Tema Traditional Council seeking to engage with VALCO and other stakeholders to address their concerns and mitigate the impact on the community, adding that, “the Council continues to advocate better conditions for the affected workers,” calling for immediate discussions to resolve the crisis.

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