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Wa Killings: Security Analyst advocates for community policing amid security concerns

Dr. Victor Doke

By:Gloria Amoh 

A security Analyst and Expert, Dr. Victor Doke, has advocated for the implementation of a community policing system to address insecurity within communities.

According to Dr. Doke, there are times during security crises when the police must temporarily withdraw, making it essential for the community to step in and maintain security.

Currently, the Ghana Police Service is investigating the death of two individuals in the Wa Municipality of the Upper West Region. These incidents occurred on Tuesday at the Wa East Education Service office and the Wa Model JHS School.

“We would like to assure the public, especially the residents of Wa, to remain calm as the police work to arrest those involved and bring them to justice,” the service said in a statement.

In an interview, Dr. Doke emphasized the importance of community policing saying it enhances the welfare of the community.

“We should adhere to the fundamentals of community policing. This involves engaging the community, elders, and chiefs, and recruiting volunteers who receive basic security training to enhance community welfare.”

Dr. Doke also pointed out that when police officers withdraw, community members often feel insecure, fearing the recurrence of similar incidents. He recommended strengthening community policing efforts and urged civil society to educate residents on reporting suspicious activities.

“Let us enhance the involvement of civil society. We need to educate people on what to report if they observe anything suspicious. If they notice any unusual movements or individuals in the town, they should promptly report to the police rather than taking the law into their own hands,” he noted

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