”Without maturity & Discipline you cannot get married”- Relationship Expert

Kelly Daniels, Relationship Expert

By Asile Alice Dzorgbenyuie

Relationship Expert Kelly Daniels in an interview on the GTV Breakfast show has disclosed that marriage is meant for people who are mature and disciplined to stay in the relationship till death.

Marriage which is a union between two people who have agreed to live as husband and wife or couple must be ready to have a common understanding of their issues to prevent families from hearing their marriage problems, he noted.

“Your family should not be the first to occur to you to fix your marital issues”, he noted.

He added that if the family is let in on the inside issues of the marriage, there is often loss of respect to your marriage.

According to Kelly Daniels, “if a man cannot make a woman’s life colorful in the mind, there should be no marriage”

He believes it is best to know the kind of marriage a spouse paints in one’s head and based on that, one can make the right decisions regarding the union.

Kelly Daniels pointed out that women should stay humble in marriage, no matter the billions they are making as a salary for the sake of fundamental responsibility as a wife.


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