The Daily Graphic believes it is in the best interest of all Ghanaians earning taxable income to register for a Tax Identification Number, TIN, as it is aimed at broadening the country’s revenue, while increasing development projects which will in the long run help the country in its financial growth. The paper notes  that the TIN has become a prerequisite for many financial and trade engagements globally, saying having it boosts trust between parties since it helps for easy identification and authentication. The Graphic urges tax payers to take advantage of the Ghana Revenue Authority’s, GRA, provision to register for their 11 digit TINs. The paper reminds all that the TIN is currently free at every GRA office and it takes only an average of 24 to 48 hours to obtain it.

The Ghanaian Times finds series of deaths in the past weeks as worrying. More shocking to the paper is how the deaths occur, creating insecurity in the minds of people and suspicions that those murders are contract killings. The paper sympathises with the victims’ families and calls on the police to handle the cases with professionalism to smoke out the criminals behind the heinous crimes and bring them to justice. It also urges the police to intensify patrol activities and bring back visibility programmes to deter the criminals and hoodlums from committing crimes under the cover of darkness. The paper encourages the public to take crime prevention seriously by volunteering information of suspicious characters in their minds to the security agencies and be cautious of their personal security.

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