The Ghanaian Times applauds the “broiler module” under the Rearing for Food and Jobs programme which is expected to increase poultry and reduce a huge imported poultry product in about eleven regions. The paper commends the government’s initiative and urged the poultry farmers to take advantage of the opportunity to produce about forty thousand tonnes of poultry products. The Times also calls on the farmers to apply the best practices from partners to strengthen monitoring and evaluation to ensure the success of the project.

The Daily Graphic calls on all nations to come together to help fight the Coronavirus since the WHO has declared the outbreak a global health emergency. The new coronavirus which surfaced in December 2019 has seen countries trying to find a cure and stem its spread. The paper is urging other countries to emulate Equatorial Guinea’s gesture which donated two million dollars to China to help in the fight and commit resources to the effort. The Graphic is relieved that Ghana has not confirmed any case even though there were 13 reported cases which have all tested negative. The paper is however worried that out of the 54 African Countries, only 15 have such laboratory facility with the requisite capacity to do testing on the suspected cases of the virus. It is, therefore, urging the African Union to lead the charge in impressing on the 39 countries without testing the facilities especially those with the financial muscle to take the needed steps to safeguard the lives of not only their citizens but also those of Africa.

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