The Daily Graphic believes the time has come for Ghanaians to take security more seriously. Since the world has become an uncertain place where people considered family and friends tend to hurt others for their selfish gains. The paper asks parents to educate their children on how to ensure their personal safety in and out of the house and also how to deal with strangers cross-checking if what they are saying is true. The Graphic says the public must be conscious of any strange happenings around them and develop the habit of reporting any suspicious characters in their vicinities to the police. The paper advices Ghanaians to at all times listen to their instinct and act cautiously.

The Ghanaian Times feels it is time to free the pension scheme from politics to make it attractive and better the living standard of pensioners. This, the Times says would reverse the unfavourable condition and accord pensioners their rights in the society. The Times advices the country  to practice what prevails in other jurisdiction to make the lives of pensioners better and avoid worsening their plight to release them from becoming a burden to their families.

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