The Daily Graphic describes the low informal pensions as a looming national danger. This follows comments made by the National Pensions officer of the National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA), Hayford Atta-Krufi that available statistics showed that 85 percent of the working population are found in the private and informal sector, yet one percent of that figure was on one form of pension scheme or another. The paper therefore advises that sustained public strategic education and sensitisation by the players in that sector are some of the timely strategies needed to encourage enrolment onto personal pension schemes and to wipe out the looming national challenge and threat, particularly within the informal sector. It further states that the law must be strengthen to make it compulsory for anyone who earns income, be it in the formal or informal sector to register one form of pension or another under the voluntary third-tier scheme in compliance with Act 766. The paper therefore calls on all to be committed to nationwide outreach programme to educate and sensitise workers to deepen their understanding of the three-tier pension scheme and its benefits.

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