The Daily Graphic congratulates journalists who won awards last Saturday at the 23rd GJA Awards ceremony and ask them to remember the prize is a challenge for them to excel in the profession. The paper considers the theme for this year’s celebration insightful and appropriate as the media are duty-bound to expose wrongdoing and corruption in society. The Graphic therefore calls on society to contribute to ensure investigative reporting is strengthened to hold individuals and institutions accountable by uncovering their wrong doings. It commends the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) and the awards committee for a good work done.

The Ghanaian Times commends government for handing over two hundred vehicles to the Ghana Police Service at a ceremony in Accra. The paper calls on Police personnel to carry out their duties without any excuses as well as justify why government must give them more vehicles. The Police Service for some time now has lacked vehicles that would help them work effectively. The paper says they expect the Service to step up its game and is hopeful the vehicles would be put to good use to help combat crimes.

The Daily Heritage says multiple power suppliers will be good for price competition following a new policy to be introduced by the Energy Commission to give smaller private entities licence to distribute power regardless of the metre they use. According to the Commission, in five years, consumers will have the opportunity to choose their own power suppliers. The Heritage welcomes the new policy and urges the Commission to consult widely to ensure the success of the policy by 2023.

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