The Ghanaian Times urges Ghanaians to view the fight against corruption as a collective responsibility. It says the situation where the public tends to blame government all the time and think it is only government’s responsibility to combat corruption is not helping in the fight against the canker. The paper said that corruption affects every facet of society because it impedes growth and development and contributes to increased poverty. The Times believes that government has shown enough commitment in fighting corruption by instituting some reforms in the public administration, upholding transparency and ensuring access to information. It is for this reason that the paper implores Ghanaians to support government in the fight against corruption.

The Daily Graphic recognises the contributions of Small and Medium Enterprises, SMEs, to the country’s development. According to the paper, SMEs represent about 90 percent of registered businesses and contribute about 70 percent to overall Gross Domestic Product. The paper said despite the SMEs immerse contribution, they are plagued with numerous challenges. The paper believes that a report suggesting that about 30 percent of SMEs in the country collapse in their first two years is unacceptable. The Graphic anticipates innovative interventions to support SMEs to thrive.

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