8th November, 2018


The Ghanaian Times urges the youth to stay away from the smoking of hard drugs including Shisha, that could lead to their death. The paper therefore expresses the need to intensify public education on the dangers of using hard substances by the young ones. It says from primary to tertiary level, the youth need to be trained properly to enable them to take up the responsibilities of national development. While efforts are being made to encourage public education and sensitisation, the youth must also know what is good for them.

Today News Paper is worried about how corruption has become a big plight on the development of the country. The paper says it will not fault the protestors when they organise peaceful protests to demand from central government their fair share of the national cake. It is however happy that some civil society organisations have waded into the matter berating EOCO for suspending Mr Dzeny for his simple comments on corruption. The paper says in case Ghanaians have forgotten, it has reminded the Akufo-Addo administration that one of the critical factors that decided the 2016 poll was corruption. It says the inability of the Mahama administration to ensure that alleged corrupt officials within his government were prosecuted contributed to his failure.

The Daily Heritage says reports from health facilities in the nation’s capital and other parts of the country indicate that there is a high rate of non-communicable or chronic diseases which are claiming lives. The paper says in the good old days, these diseases were not rampant as they are today. It says Ghanaians ought to consider reverting to traditional eating habits to avert these non-communicable diseases. The Heritage urges people to limit the intake of food that creates problems.

The Daily Graphic says thorough investigation is needed into the alleged Tema Manhean curse. The paper is alarmed about the development not because people should not exercise their beliefs but rather because, attributing these deaths to a curse on the community has high tendency to thwart efforts at containing any outbreak of disease in the affected area. The paper commends the Health Authorities for their prompt response to the issue but also calls on them to work assiduously to unravel the cause of  deaths.

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