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Gov’t seeks approval of $338m to reconstruct Accra-Tema Motorway

Gov't seeks approval of $338m to reconstruct Accra-Tema Motorway


The government of Ghana is seeking the approval of US$338 million for the reconstruction of 27.7 kilometers of the Tema motorway enclave spanning into Tesano and Achimota.

This was made known by the Vice Chairman of the Finance Committee of Ghana’s Parliament, Mr. Patrick Boamah when addressing some members of the Parliamentary Press Corps in Parliament on Monday, December 11, 2023.

Members of the joint committee of Finance and Roads and Transport are said to be studying the agreement which Mr. Boamah explained when approved will last for 37 months to complete the scope of work. Adding the reconstruction will transform transportation in the catchment areas.

He emphasised “Somebody will say why the Accra Tema-Mortoway is going to cost US$338 million without knowing the nature of work or the scope of work.

Accra-Tema Motorway alone is 19.5 kilometers, but this project is 27.7 kilometers, so one will ask where are you getting the remainder from? “The Apenkawa Interchange and the construction of the Neoplan Interchange.

So this is the scope of work that is going to happen so you tell from what I have told you that it is going to be a very comprehensive programme which will span about 3 years or more depending on how the project goes and it is going to be a joint venture between Maripoma Limited.”

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