Ban on movement of animals: Livestock dealers predict price hikes


By Murtala Issah

The Northern Regional Directorate of Agriculture has called for cooperation from the public to stop the spread of anthrax from the Upper East region.

The Northern Regional Director of Veterinary Services, Dr. Evans Nsor, made the call in a telephone interview with GBC News in Tamale.

He noted that due to the numerous unapproved routes connecting the Upper East region to the rest of the country, it is imperative for all to be vigilant and report anyone attempting to flout the ban on the transportation of ruminants into and outside of the Upper East region.

Following the outbreak of anthrax in the Upper East region, the government placed restrictions on the movement of ruminants in and out of the region.

The ban aims at curtailing the spread of the disease, which has so far resulted in the death of one person while eleven others have been hospitalised. There are, however, fears that the ban may not be effective due to a number of unapproved routes between the Upper East and other regions.

The situation appears to be compounded by the impending Islamic festival of sacrifice, Eidul Adha. During the festival, Muslims slaughter rams and cattle, which are largely brought in from the Upper East region.

The Northern Regional Director of the Veterinary Services Department, Dr. Evans Nsor, urged all potential buyers of ruminants for the festival to be vigilant.

Dr. Nsor has, however, assured the public that an effective surveillance system has been put in place to monitor and prevent the spread of the disease.

Meanwhile, some livestock dealers in the Northern region have expressed worry about the outbreak of anthrax in the Upper East region.

The dealers say the ban on the movement of animals in the region is likely to cause a hike in the price of livestock and affect the Eid celebration.

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