Executive Director, Sanitary Environment Ghana, Ibrahim Seidu Abode, says past and present governments should be blamed  for the numerous challenges facing the sanitation sector.

He revealed that successive governments have abandoned the core values to managing sanitation, and has resorted to a political inclined  ones.

Ibrahim Seidu Abode

Mr. Abode in an interview with gbcghanaonline explained that the   abandoned values is the dumping of sanitary labourers at the District Assemblies, and the inception of private waste management organizations.

According to him, the sanitary labourers who used to work under the Environmental Health Officers and Assistants are labourers who were responsible for the sweeping and cleaning of public places, and assisted the Environmental health officers in enforcing sanitary  laws.

Environmental health officers and assistants are trained from the Accra, Tamale and Ho School of Hygienes.

Mr. Abode said sanitation management is rested on the private waste management contractors, who lobby politicians to win constructs and recruits politicians into their system.

He added that “when NPP is in power, most sanitary cleaners from the private waste organizations in the various district assemblies must be party members, when NDC takes over power, they sack the NPP members from the private waste management organization and replace them with their party members, tell me how things can work out in this form”.

He stressed. He noted that when there is flooding in the nation’s capital, Accra, the typical cause is bad drainage system.

According to Mr. Abode, contractors who lobby politicians for projects always deliver shoddy works leading to unfortunate events.

He charged the leadership of the country to change the narrative for sanitation, so that the citizens can emulate.

Story filed by Samuel Ayammah

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