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Book on Dr Bawumia’s Vice Presidency goes beyond politics – Prof. Sikanku


By: Lucy Mawufemor Kpeglo 

The Author of the book titled, “Dr Bawumia and the Modern Vice Presidency in Ghana” Professor Etse Sikanku, has stated that the book fills a gap in leadership, presidential and vice presidential studies.

In an interview on an Accra based station, Metro TV, the Author and Political Communications Analyst, Professor Etse Sikanku, said the book focused on the leadership qualities of Dr Bawumia and lessons that can be learned.

 “Yes it does focus on the vice President and the unique qualities and attributes that he brings to the office and I teased out a number of them, that is his empathy, humility, his hardwork, his excellence, his loyalty and dependability, his progressiveness and forward thinking nature especially when it comes to digitalization, and the kind of dedication and commitment that he brings to his work “ Professor Etse Sikanku said. 

He stated three indicators, showed the current vice President as a leader who has played a very crucial role with his position towards the country’s development.

“This is an office that can be a single most executive transformative framework for the transformation of the country in terms of it being an instrument for social justice, for social progress and for social cohesion. This is the vice president who has really fulfilled these three indicators of what a modern Afrocentric Vice Presidency should be “ he added.

According to the author, the content of the book goes beyond politics as it also focuses on leadership roles which will be useful to the youth.

“There are lessons there for the youth in terms of leadership, there are lessons there for corporate leadership in terms of what deputies and assistants can learn from him, his loyalty to the President, his hardwork and Dependability” Professor Sikanku added.

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