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AOMC urges dialogue to resolve tanker drivers’ strike threat

AOMC urges dialogue to resolve tanker drivers' strike threat

By Mabel Adorkor Annang

The Association of Oil Marketing Companies (AOMC) expressed concern regarding a potential strike by the Ghana National Petroleum Tanker Drivers Union (GNPTDU) over a proposed driver remuneration framework.

The AOMC acknowledged the tanker drivers’ critical role in the supply chain and their efforts to address the GNPTDU’s concerns.

They highlighted unsuccessful attempts to engage the union’s leadership and the intervention of the Trade Union Congress (TUC).

The AOMC emphasized that its members, who own and operate half the country’s tankers, rely heavily on these drivers. A strike could lead these members to leave the Drivers Union altogether.

In a statement, the AOMCs clarified that the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) is not responsible for determining driver compensation, which falls under the purview of individual tanker owners as employers. The NPA’s role is regulatory.

The AOMC requested a list of Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) allegedly defaulting on compensation to address the GNPTDU’s claim that some members are not receiving proper remuneration.

While recognizing the importance of fair compensation, the AOMC urged all parties to prioritize dialogue to avoid disrupting the fuel supply chain and causing potential shortages.

The AOMC remains committed to finding a solution that ensures fair treatment for all stakeholders and maintains a stable petroleum distribution network.

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