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Nobody is ever too young to understand business sense- Obaapanyin Demay

How to raise women billionaires
Obaapanyin Demay- All rights reserved to Prince Ghalley Kukorku

By Regina Kwapong

Chief Executive Officer of 360 Lifestyle Network and Human Development Foundation, Obaapanyin Demay has stated that in the field of business and entrepreneurship, no one is too young to understand business ideas.

“Nobody is ever too young to understand business sense”, she said.

In an interview with on GTV’s Breakfast Show on September 19,2023, Obaapanyin Demay talked about the role parents play in the involvement of children in business.She emphasized the importance of parents instilling values and quality in their children, and teaching them to focus on making a positive impact on society rather than solely on their appearance and material possessions.

She also highlighted the Ghanaian culture of valuing certificates over actual delivery, citing the Japanese culture as an example of recognizing traditions and incorporating family-oriented businesses.

She praised the culture in Japan where children are made to understand the basic foundations of business and entrepreneurship in order to grow and continue family and generational businesses

“When I looked at what constitutes the Japanese module, I realized that the first thing is the recognition of traditions and culture within the work frame … most of these businesses were family-oriented businesses which means they were trans-generational”

She expressed concern that Ghanaian children are not involved in businesses at a younger age, leading to complaints about hardship later in life compared to their parents’ generation. She refuted the notion that Ghanaians require leaders to be older and with grey hair.

She encouraged Ghanaians to attend the Billionaires Conclave Summit where they can learn about important principles and modules that will equip them with the skills to accumulate equity and create trans-generational wealth.

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