GCB at 70: Bank to rebrand



Chief Internal Auditor for Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB), Limited, Sina Kamagate, has disclosed that Ghana Commercial Bank has decided to rebrand to mark its 70th anniversary.

He disclosed that the decision to rebrand the logo was made in 2014 with the intention of making certain bold statements to their stakeholders. For instance, changing their mantra to GCB, your bank for life, He discussed how the decision propelled them to transition and take full advantage of technology.

According to him, there were activities such as the planting of trees, a health walk, and a health screening exercise that kicked off early this year to commemorate the celebration, as the institution believes they need to care for their customers and people who bank with them.

In an interview with Darroll Allan during the GTV Breakfast Show, Mr. Kamagate added that GCB has collaborated with Cambridge University and the University of Ghana to organise leadership activities.

During a grand launch on August 2, 2023, GCB showcased their journey, and Mr. Kamagate discussed GCB’s successes in overcoming challenges and supporting various industries, including mining, oil and gas, and energy, leading to increased employment rates in Ghana.

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