Gloomy days for Ghana’s economy if IMF bail-out is not secured by mid-March

Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta says Ghana’s economy may be in trouble if government fails secure a bailout with the International Monetary Fund, IMF by mid-March.

Addressing Pensioner bondholders who have resisted their inclusion in a domestic debt exchange programme yesterday, Monday February 6, 2023, the Finance Minister pleaded with the pensioners to accept a 3.5% cut and accept the new terms of 15% coupon rate and 5 percent maturity.

He said failure to do that may bring Ghana’s economy to a standstill.

Pensioners who bought government bonds yesterday picketed at the Finance Ministry to press home their demands for an exemption of their bonds from the government’s domestic debt exchange programme.

The pensioners who are part of the Pensioner Bondholders Forum, want the government to completely exempt them from the debt exchange. They believe the inclusion of their bonds will negatively impact their livelihoods.

The closure of the invitation for holders of the government’s bond to subscribe to the programme expires today.



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