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Ho Collection Unit of Customs exceeds 2022 revenue target by 38.23%


The Ho Collection Unit of the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority has exceeded its 2022 revenue target by 38.23 percent.

The unit collected 37.8 million Ghana cedis over its target of 27.4 million Ghana cedis.

The Sector Commander Mrs. Felicia Dadeboe Azumah Esq, announced this at a Dinner and Awards Night at Ho in the Volta region.

The Russia-Ukraine war and the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic have created challenges for revenue mobilization in many countries including Ghana.

The conflicts and pandemic have disrupted economies and led to a decrease in trade and economic activity, making it more difficult for governments to collect the revenue they need to provide essential services for their citizens.

This notwithstanding, the Ho Collection Center of the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority was able to exceed it revenue mobilization target by 38.32 percent for the 2022 fiscal year.

The target for the Collection Center under the year under review was 27.4 million Ghana cedis.

The unit was however able to collect 37.8 million Ghana cedis.

At a dinner and awards night to reward Officers of the division for the feat, the Sector Commander, Mrs. Felicia Dadeboe Azumah said the feat was achieved through hard work and the employment of human centered innovative ideas.

According to her, the Batume Junction Collection post was the highest revenue mobilizing post and commended Officers for their hard work. She was optimistic about the prospects and revenue outlook for this year despite challenges in the clearance of goods.

“It’s with a great joy and grateful heart that I announce to you that the Collection ended the with an outstanding revenue performance of 138.23%. This is a positive difference of 38.23 percent of the annual revenue for the collection. This also represent a nominal growth of 69% over the tax revenue collected in the 2021 fiscal year.” she noted.

The Volta Regional Minister Dr. Archibald Letsa commended the unit for the achievement and urged them to do more to help raise the needed funds for development.

“We are very much impressed by your performance. I want to on behalf of the President of the Republic to congratulate you all going through the past year successfully and for exceeding your target. I want to appeal to you to do more. Even if you can exceed the target by 1000% we would be happy.”

Some traders and officers of the sector were recognized for living up to their civic responsibilities and for their meritorious services. The night was not meant for the usual talks but for officers to wine and dine while being recognized for their hard work.

Already the collection unit has collected about 2.3 million Ghana cedis for January 2023 which is one hundred percent more than what was collected for January 2022.


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