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India and Ghana strengthen economic and educational ties

India and Ghana strengthen economic and educational ties

By Jones Anlimah

India and Ghana have seen substantial economic and educational cooperation over the past two decades. India has invested nearly $2 billion in foreign direct investments (FDI) in Ghana, fostering economic growth and development in the country.

Ghana has again benefited from nearly $1 billion under Indian concessional lines of credit and buyer’s credit programs during the same period.

These financial aids have supported various developmental projects and initiatives across the country.

These were made known by the Indian High Commissioner to Ghana, Manish Gupta, in an interview with GBCNEWS on the sidelines of his official visit to the Volta region.

The visit aims to further promote bilateral relationship between India and Ghana while exploring business opportunities in the region for mutual benefits.

Mr. Manish Gupta said India has provided Ghana with over 4,000 slots under the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC), program over the last two decades. Out of this approximately 1,600 slots were dedicated to online education. He added that India currently offers about 250 slots annually to Ghana, making it the largest beneficiary of the ITEC program to build human capacity.

“The human resource base here is quite decent enough. And frankly, these are the people you know, I have full confidence they are equipped to take Ghana to the next higher level and that’s where we are partnering in a big way where we intend to work, especially in the digital public infrastructure domain.”‘

According to the High Commissioner, the collaboration extends beyond economic and educational sectors to also encompass sports and cultural exchanges. These initiatives aim to break cultural barriers and strengthen the bond between the two countries.

“So it is a good advantage, so we can build upon those capacities for the mutual benefit of our peoples. And the last area, which I feel always, one is sports and culture, because this is one field that really breaks the cultural barriers and bring all of us together. And you will also be very pleasantly surprised that the cultural exchanges between the artists and all that I really want to further take it to the next level,” Mr Manish Gupta noted.

The partnership between India and Ghana highlights the mutual benefits and the potential for further cooperation to leverage the capacity of the Ghanaian youth to drive future growth and development.

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