Invest more in State Instruments- Investment Expert

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By Rukuyiatu Musah

Chief Executive of CIDAN Investments Limited, Dr. Raziel Obeng Okon, has advised the public to invest in Government instruments for short-term investments as its yields are better compared to others.

He said even though countries, including Ghana, are facing economic turbulence, there is the need to cultivate the habit of investing more in order to fall back on it in times of crisis.

Speaking to GBC Business News, Dr. Obeng Okon urged the public to remain committed and consistent with investments.

Dr. Obeng Okon said, ”falling on investments now to boost one’s business is a good move.”

He urged businesses, especially startups, to use parts of their investment proceeds for projects.

Experts say most ordinary individuals can easily make investments in stocks, bonds, and CDs.

With stocks, ”you are investing in the equity of a company, which means you invest in some residual claim to a company’s future profit flows and often gain voting rights (based on the number of shares owned) to give your voice to the direction of the company.”

In the same vein, ”Bonds and CDs are debt investments, where the borrower puts that money to use in a pursuit that is expected to bring in cash flows greater than the interest owed to the investors.”


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